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Aim of the Foundation

The foundation HIB aims to be a Home, a gathering place for Self-exploration and development. This takes form in the sharing of one’s talents, the arts, for mutual free education. All knowledge is the enlightened or divine cultural heritage of our collective experiences. It is social capital. This social capital is an infinite resource for all those people willing and ready to constructively share their skills. In our society of today we have learned to sell ourselves.(often short)  In this “home” I envision we learn and teach to share the very best of ourselves for the sheer sake of joy. The love for learning and growing into mature human beings, takes a mild kind of courage and self-reflection, a still witnessing of the beauty in it all. Patience. By witnessing, this tremendous potential in each of us individually and as a collective body of knowledge and experiences, we will be integrated whole people with a respected identity. The essence of creation is joy. Look at flowers; though silent they speak through their fragrance.  God wants us all to be happy. Well, it is my suggestion that integration of our “sufferings” and “slavery” is key to a fruitful interdependence, self-reliant freedom or Peace. Where human beings have matured into the creative responsible masters of their own life-paths, there is Peace, the realisation of the sacred and unchanging an eternal Kingdom of heaven on earth!  Home in Buddhahood aims to be the “free self-masoners” building place for the laying of your cornerstone-contribution of Wisdom.

The foundation HIB, "Home in Buddhahood", is legacy of Martinus Hubertus Elisabeth Kempen.

My deceased brother Marien.

The name of the foundation “Aymon” is to the legacy of my father who is in heaven with Marien. Its meaning holds a promisse; "Peaceful Protector or Patron"

"Compassion knows no bounds"

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